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Oy Division

Gershon Leizerson (violon et voix)

Gershon Leizerson is a violinist, a singer, a composer, a teacher of klezmer music - traditional celebration music of East European Jewry. He graduated from the Tel Aviv Academy of music, used to sing and play in the folk music band of Israeli army. In 2006 he created a klezmer band called Oy Division which is now well-known far beyond the borders of Israel. With Oy Division, Leizerson has performed at numerous festivals all over the world and recorded 3 albums of instrumental music and political folk songs in Yiddish and Russian. In 2010 he created Baba Yaga band which focuses on authentic performance of Gypsy and Slavic music. Theband has participated in many festivals in Israel. Gershon Leizerson has launched a course in klezmer fiddle; he is teaching at the Mizmor college of Jewish folk music in Tel Aviv. Currently, Gershon is into composing songs in Yiddish and instrumental music, as well as playing concerts with his bands

Assaf Talmudi (accordéon)

Assaf Talmudi (born 1976, israel) is a composer, record-producer, researcher and accordionist.
One of Israel’s leading record-producers, he has worked with top Israeli recording artists, among other, Shlomi Shaban, Assaf Amdursky, Beri Sacharof, Rona Kenan and Noam Rotem. He has produced several records for major label companies, achieving commercial and critical success.Currently a PhD student at the department of music in the University of Bar Ilan, working on interdisciplinary research in the fields of music evolution, artificial intelligence and complex systems. The research is conducted under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Berger, of Stanford University. He holds a B.A from the Royal Conservatory, The Hague, The Netherlands in the fields of composition and computer-music. He has presented his research and compositions around the world during the last 10 years. Assaf is a lecturer at Haifa University’s department of music and at Musrara art college, Jerusalem, teaching experimental computer music and music production.As an instrumentalist, Assaf is touring the world with his band Oy Division, a band specializing in the reconstruction of old-school eastern-european Jewish folk music. Together with Dan Kahn and Psoy they have recorded the polemic Jewish music album der Unteternzional.

Eyal Talmudi (clarinette)

Eyal Talmudi born in Israel 1979 , plays Saxophone and Clarinet since the age of 8 .Classical and Jazz training along alternative , experimental and rock scene has made Talmudi into a multy genre musician leading world wide career with many different bands and ensembles .
From the famous Balkan Beat Box raves to Oy Division Jewish folklore party , He will also blow on punk style duet Malox and drop a funky solo with the Kutiman Orchestra in a sweaty Tel Aviv club . For Talmudi , another day on the job is a musical journey around the globe.

Avichai Tuchman (contrebasse)

Avichay tuchman (born on 1977) is an israeli musician, multi instromentalist, composer and record producer. Avichay served in a military band as an electric bass player for 3 years.In 2000 after traveling in the u.s he was exepted to Rimon school of jazz and contemporary music.
After that he began playing as an independet musician in several bands.In 2005 Avichay became interested in world music. He joined Assaf, Eyal and gershon and they founded OY DIvision, a band specialising in the reconstruction of old school Eastern- European Jewish folk music.
Since then they have traveled all over the world and collaborated with various artists.As a producer Avichay works in the indie rock scene. He had worked with Noam rotem, Rines girls, The 1840's, Hemi rudner and more. Now he is working on his first solo album. A project that combines pop and garage music.Avichay lives in Tel aviv with his wife Hila and 2 years old Noha. Working on his music and on others music in Kitcha studio in florentin ,Tel aviv.

Oy Division
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